Infrared Thermography 

Infrared Thermal Imaging and IR Scanning Services

Technician providing thermal imaging services.Infrared thermography service is the most important and cost-effective element of any electrical maintenance program.

Frequently, the way clients learn there is a problem in their industrial electrical system is when it fails. The resulting downtime can be costly and devastating. 

Infrared thermography allows for the appropriate maintenance to be carried out prior to a complete equipment breakdown, reducing equipment downtime and minimizing the negative impact on profits.

The benefits of using NEMSI's infrared thermography technology are many and include:

  • Detect growing problems before they can cause an electrical system failure
  • Any critical conditions found during an IR scan can be taken off line under a scheduled shutdown
  • Prevents the likelihood of equipment failing during business hours, or worse, during hours the facility is unoccupied, when there is an increased chance of severe damage or fire
  • Compliance with ANSI/NFPA 70B Electrical Equipment Maintenance Standards, stating that infrared inspections of electrical equipment should be performed annually
  • Allows facilities to meet insurance requirements
  • Deficiencies are noted in thorough and comprehensive infrared thermography inspection reports

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