Meet The Executive Team

Russell Stevens bio picture

Russell Stevens
President & CEO

Robert BAKER bio picture

Robert Baker
Senior Vice President

Michael K. Bliven bio picture

Michael K. Bliven
Vice President &
GeNeral Manager,

Daniel Bourbeau, Jr. bio picture

Daniel “D.J.”
Bourbeau, Jr.

Vice President and CFO

Marc Colcombe bio picture

Marc Colcombe
Vice President &
General Manager,
Vermont, New
Hampshire, Maine

Steven J. DUMAS bio picture

Steven J. Dumas
Vice President &
General Manager,
Rhode Island

Michael Handfield bio picture

Michael Handfield
Senior Vice President,
Mechanical & Automation

Frank J. Mottolese bio picture

Frank J. Mottolese
Vice President

Matthew E. Mullen bio picture

Matthew E. Mullen,
P.E., LEED, A.P.

Vice President,
Engineering & Design

Richard G. McQuillan bio picture

Richard G. McQuillan
Vice President/
General Manager
Albany, NY

Tammy A. Pollack bio picture

Tammy A. Pollack
Vice President &
General Manager,
Human Resources & Safety

David Roy bio picture

David Roy
Vice President &
General Manager,
South Windsor Service