HVAC Energy Solutions

Energy Audits & Energy Services

Technician looking at a computer tablet performing an energy audit.Reducing energy use and identifying ways to be more energy efficient are important to any business looking to remain competitive in today’s ever-changing market. 

NEMSI offers energy audits and energy-efficiency management services that help clients identify areas where energy savings can be realized. 

Commercial HVAC Energy-Saving Solutions

NEMSI’s energy-savings experts provide comprehensive technical solutions for facilities of all types and are authorities in industrial energy efficiency and conservation methods, mechanical and electrical efficiency, and energy-efficient HVAC replacement equipment and controls. 

NEMSI’s energy solution services include:

  • Technical consulting
  • Energy audits and maintenance programs
  • Lighting control and ballast and lamp retrofits
  • Energy-efficient HVAC equipment replacement
  • VFD installation for pumps/fans
  • Utility rebates and grants