HVAC Repair & Replacement

Commercial HVAC Repair and Commercial HVAC Replacement

Four NEMSI technicians waiting at ground level for an HVAC unit to be lowered down during install.Sometimes deciding whether to repair or replace commercial HVAC equipment can be a hard decision to make. NEMSI can help. 

Whether clients need a simple commercial HVAC repair, HVAC maintenance, or a complete commercial HVAC replacement, NEMSI’s talented HVAC technicians are ready to assist clients in any way they can. 

While clients have a tendency to delay commercial HVAC equipment replacement for as long as possible —including boiler replacement and chiller replacement—it’s not always a good idea to do so. 

There are often significant savings (by way of a reduction in energy use and avoided repairs) that are being delayed as well, not to mention the fact that a new system gives much improved reliability and peace of mind. 

Three HVAC Repair or Replacement Considerations

It’s a good idea for clients to develop an HVAC repair or replacement strategy by considering these three things. 

  1. Look at the remaining useful life for all major equipment using the age of the manufacturer, the published service life estimates, and making any adjustments needed based on maintenance, run-time, and operating environment.
  2. Equipment efficiencies have improved energy savings significantly, so delaying replacement delays energy savings. Replacing a 15-year-old packaged RTU will lead to a 25–35% immediate improvement in energy efficiency.
  3. Cost of downtime/reliability – A failure always brings a detrimental result. Whether it’s inconvenience, discomfort, or even a loss of revenue, it’s an important consideration when developing a replacement strategy.

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